“Everyone has a story to tell. Your story is your impact.”


About Lynn

Very few news anchors leave the screen.  It’s addictive and powerful to have the platform of TV News but after 2 decades of storytelling, my deep understanding of compelling content has inspired a personal growth brand.  Humans are hungry for growth after changing careers, learning new ways of connecting and it’s pushed all of us to evaluate ourselves and what kind of impact we want to have on this world.  I push people to evaluate themselves, discover their own superpower and determine how to unleash that to evoke impact on screen, on paper and in the room.

After 20 years in journalism, I hung up the microphone to tell my most important story about how to evoke impact. I know first hand how the Media has changed over the last two decades. I saw the only way to ensure I would be able to use my abilities in a positive way was to control the content. I find purpose in the product so it will leave a significant impact.

I’ve learned vulnerability = connection which is why I am an open book with my own story.

Starting as an executive assistant in Hollywood, I used to cut out articles from the NY Post that might make a compelling Law and Order episode.  Storytelling has always been a passion but it became a reality when I made the move East to become a Producer at the TODAY show then on-air contributor for todayshow.com.

That inspired a leap from behind the camera to in front of the camera as an anchor and reporter in Hartford, Philadelphia and New York City in the number 1 local market in the country. I moved to National News as the anchor of Early TODAY on NBC and First Look on MSNBC.  A move South took me to CNN Headline News and the home where I’d meet my incredible Husband Graham and later welcome 2 beautiful boys.  They are the inspiration for everything I do hence the name Rylan Media for my sons Ryder and Lochlan.

Rylan Media brings my brain into your business.  After interviewing some of the smartest and influential people in the country, I’ve gained invaluable expertise and knowledge on countless topics.  Rylan Media takes that insight and tackles your greatest branding and communications challenges.  I advise entrepreneurs, companies, and executives on how to develop, craft and communicate a compelling message as well as how to take that message to powerful platforms in media.

“Everywhere we turn there’s a reason to lose faith in what’s happening in the world. I work to create content that helps all of us discover a superpower and unleash it for the world to see.”


One of my deep beliefs is you must choose yourself before you choose anything or anyone else.  I’ve done this in my own career more than once.  Just recently, it was departing CNN Headline News after 8 years as an anchor to build a new community of storytellers (YOU).

My purpose has always been in the storytelling place but the choices that I’ve made have not always set me up for the greatest success, career wise. That was very intentional because my choices were based on ME.  Not the perceived success of a position or the money.  I think about the time I chose not to become a national correspondent because I knew how hard it would be to balance a family and constant travel.  I remember turning down a job in Local News in New York (when I was unemployed!!!) because I’d spent 3 years on an overnight shift and I knew I was ready for daytime not middle of the night.  I remember making the move South to take a leap of faith with very little security in my career but it felt right.  That’s when I met my husband.  I remember when I knew he was the love of my life because I learned how to be happy without anyone and knew exactly what I wanted in my life partner.  At every turn there was a choice and when I chose me it always landed me in the right place and that brings me to the NOW.

I truly understand storytelling after developing the skills for 2 decades and am motivated to give that knowledge to others so they can use their unique story to make an impact.

My superpower is how I communicate the message as a compassionate, empathetic and invested storyteller who believes that authentic stories can evoke impact.

What’s your superpower?  Let’s find out together.

Everyone has a compelling story to tell and my job is to teach you how to craft your personal story and unleash it to evoke impact.  What is your story?  Take the storytelling archetype quiz.

Articles from Lynn

Lynn takes her voice to the page in a series of thought provoking articles on some of the most important topics of our time.  You’ll see ways one can lean into difficult times and grow from what’s holding one back.