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Hi I’m Lynn

As a journalist for 20 years, I know what makes a good TV News Appearance. After getting SO MANY bad pitches and seeing epic flubs during interviews when experts were new to TV and didn’t have any media training, I decided to make a career change to help others get on camera and BE GREAT ON TV in the process. 

In the past 15 years, I have:

  • Interviewed the biggest celebrities like Dolly Parton, John Legend, Motley Crue, Ludacris, Janelle Monae, Sheri Shepperd and more.
  • Produced for the TODAY Show.
  • Covered major breaking news like Japan Tsunami, Pulse Nightclub shooting, Aurora theater shooting, Hurricane Harvey and everything in between.
  • Interviewed thousands of experts to understand what makes a decent guest and what makes an EXCELLENT guest.
  • Been the anchor of multiple national broadcasts with insider knowledge of what decision makers are looking for.
  • Established connections with countless industry experts.

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TV News Academy

TV News Academy by Lynn Smith is now open!

An immersive hybrid course with insider information on how to get in the door and have a stellar TV news appearance to increase your visibility and credibility.


Your story is your superpower.

Did you know there are several different story archetypes and every one of us is living one of these storylines?

Learn what your superpower is and how to unleash it and evoke impact.

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