Tips for a Stellar Zoom Call

Video and virtual communications are essential to success. In this short video, we tackle 5 common mistakes most everyone makes that prevent their Zoom calls from being less than stellar.

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“Not only did it raise my visibility and help to instantly generate new leads during an economically challenging time in the pandemic, but the credibility alone helped me to land five figures in speaking engagements.”

With just two hours of coaching, I went from never being on TV, to owning my weaknesses, crafting my story, putting together a winning pitch, and then BOOM I was on TV! I’m forever grateful, and will continue to unleash my story to the world.

-Mico Yuk

CEO BI Brainz and Entrepreneur

About Lynn

After spending 15 years in TV News at NBC, MSNBC, and CNN Headline News, I know what makes someone good (and, more importantly, bad) when appearing via video.

I’ve interviewed Motley Crue, Dolly Parton and countless other celebrities and saw what makes someone stellar on-camera.  It was a lot harder when I started watching c-suite executives who haven’t invested in their on-camera skills.​