I wrote this post as the wheels were going up from a recent trip to NYC. Man, that city has a contagious energy.  

It’s also where New Yorkers are always unapologetically themselves. Two things that I instill in each of my clients.

The real key to being magnetic on stage or camera is the energy you project and the ability to be authentic.

During this trip, I worked with a client to elevate media appearances in addition to a fireside chat. I asked him “How do you want people to feel after hearing from you?”

That’s the energy I want you to visualize and project.

The energy we put out is the energy your audience will receive. And the best news? You choose that energy.

Is it excitement, is it concern, but you have the solution, or is it “Don’t worry, I got you”?

Try this experiment:

Whenever you are in a situation where you have to communicate (i.e. all day long), visualize the emotion you want the person you are speaking to feel.

Do this over and over again, and watch what happens to your interactions.

You will feel electric connections…

Magnetic synergies…

Explosive results.

You are in control of your outcomes.

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