This is my new bumper sticker. This is my new mantra. THIS is my new “say it out loud”.

“You have to admit to it so you don’t commit to it.”

My client, Karen Baptiste said these words in a keynote I helped her curate, which I recently watched in complete awe. Not just for this statement, which tells me how important it is to say out loud what is hard to admit to (our fears, insecurities, worries, etc.) so it doesn’t have the same power over us that it currently does.

I was also in awe at her message. We worked together to drill down that message into something that would inspire her audience to stop business as usual. In fact, I encouraged her at the end to say, “My greatest fear is that you will walk out of this room and continue business as usual.”

Because you have to admit to it so you don’t commit to it.

As Karen wisely states, we must admit to our weaknesses so they no longer control us. This advice resonates deeply in both my professional and personal growth. I’m honored to have collaborated with Karen on this powerful presentation. Her words will stay with me as I continue my journey of admission, reflection, and evolution.

I have all my clients admit to their greatest fears so they don’t commit to them, and in the words of one executive, “This has changed my life and the trajectory of my career.”

Her documentary Preschool to Prison has won 11 awards and countless fan reviews for its deep and hard look at the current epidemic within our school systems. Please take a look at the trailer to learn more about what Karen is working to dismantle.

Karen, KEEP GOING!!!

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