Have you ever been told this by a fellow working mom, mentor, or colleague? The phrase stems from the age-old question “Can women have it all?”. It’s been asked for decades since women prioritized themselves and their work in addition to being moms.

The wisest answer to this question is, “You can have it all, you just can’t have it all at once.” The idea is, yes you can be super successful and a parent but somewhere, someone, or something will not get all the attention that is needed.

Another shout-out this week to Jessica Kriegel, who explained this on MSNBC and it spoke to me as a working mom. Watch here. Especially after attempting spring break with no childcare, and endless meetings/zooms/to-dos for work.

Instead of having it all, why don’t we strive to have it the best we can? Maybe it’s not ALL but it’s enough?

Another Green Room graduate made her first media appearance and I was beaming with joy. Jill Charton is also a working mama and in addition to raising good humans, she’s a celebrity trainer and wellness expert. Watch here.

She dedicated the time (she likely doesn’t have much of it) to learning this new skill to elevate her brand and after the appearance, she was then featured on Extra.

Sure all of this meant a lot of juggling and balancing but rather than looking at it as not being able to have it all. We can all be very happy and satisfied with enough.

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Life’s not fair

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