In a recent Green Room session, a member shared how her brain bully was winning that week.

The voice we all have in our head questioning our expertise, why anyone wants to hear from us, or subtly reminding us of alllllll the things that can go wrong before anything even goes wrong.

I admitted, yeah me too.

If it’s not my brain bully questioning why anyone wants to hear from me, it’s my brain bully questioning if I’m screwing up my kids or an awful parent or will they remember that time I said I was too busy to play? The list goes on.

This week, I had to travel for work which I’m doing a lot more of lately and it’s something my boys aren’t used to. As I walked my youngest into school he gripped my back with white knuckles begging me not to leave with the constant wail/plea “please don’t go mommy, please don’t go”. Cue the internal mom guilt and brain bully who is asking me how I could ever let this sweet boy shed a single tear further before proclaiming, “alright darling, I’ll cancel my work trip, let’s skip school too and go have ice cream for breakfast!”. Spoiler alert, I peeled him off me, told him how much I loved him, and headed to the airport.

Not without my brain bully reminding me the entire drive up, “wow, he’s always going to wonder why his mom went away so much.”

As I write this it’s almost comical how ridiculous and yet powerful our brain bully can be in our personal AND professional lives.

I went on to share the strategies we use in The Green Room to overcome the brain bully and coach ourselves back to reality that yes, I am a good mom who has children who know they are loved. Yes, my clients do want to hear what I have to say and invest a lot in me and themselves to get this information. And yes, I am the person to be sharing this.

My client seemed surprised I have to use my own techniques to overcome what holds me back and it’s why I am so confident in our methodology because I know it works. I use it and it’s how I turn my weaknesses and fears into superpowers.

You can too.

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