I am supposed to be good with words, but all the emails, calls, texts, and messages congratulating me on the new children’s book deal have left me fumbling for the right way to communicate my appreciation.

Here’s the truth. I didn’t want to send out my book news email or post it to my blog.

I admitted to this when a friend, who had been on this journey with me over the last 4 years with countless revisions and edits, texted his congratulations.

He wrote back, “I get it. It’s like your celebration will self-sabotage something.”  I responded, “Exactly.”

I share this because I often talk about overcoming your fears and turning them into feats, but it’s a reminder that fears don’t just disappear. I describe it as more, they can be managed.

I wanted to dig deeper into this because I am asked (a lot) how I got the courage to leave a successful career in TV to go out on my own and start my own company.

It’s not that I was fearless.

It’s that I didn’t let fear win.

I was scared sh&%less. Who wouldn’t be?

The same is true for getting this book deal (a 2 book deal at that!).

I fear a long list of unknowns and even was afraid to tell all of you (it’s been a done deal for months now) the news.

But just like I coach my clients, the more you fight fear, the longer the battle. Manage your fears and just keep going, despite those fears, so you can do anything you desire.

Whether that’s writing a book or writing an email you’ve been scared to send, the outcome can be the same.

Just keep going.

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