I love grocery shopping. I think it’s because of the freedom I feel roaming around, shopping cart in hand, throwing in oranges, salad kits, and Cheez-Its for the kids–it’s soothing to me.

Some people meditate. I grocery shop.

Now, when most of you go to the grocery store, you probably do it the logical way, you start with the produce, go through the meats and dry goods, and then you end up at the aisle with milk and eggs at the end.

Maybe I’m a little crazy, but when I walk into the grocery store, the first thing I do is I beeline it to my favorite item. An item that I must make sure is in stock and in my cart before I do any further shopping. It’s THAT important to me to have on hand.

But here’s the thing–I have to be very careful when I go retrieve this item. I will actually split off from my family and sort of saunter over casually, pretending like I’m not elated at the idea that this item will soon be in my cart, and I can take it home with me.

Sometimes I actually check to make sure the entire aisle is clear because I don’t want someone to spot me picking it up. Sometimes I get weird looks, a laugh, or someone will actually say “really, you … like that?” People have asked if I’m buying it for medicinal purposes.

So I have to hide my guilty pleasure and pursue this item in secrecy.

After making a sharp turn past the Entenmann’s donuts and crumb cakes, I end up in the candy aisle, where I can finally get my hands on my favorite thing: black liquorice.

Yes, I am a black liquorice lover! It’s time I admit it to you.

While I’m a little hesitant to flash the black liquorice around the grocery store, there’s one place I know I can enjoy it in peace, and that’s with my most trusted person. I call him my MTP. That’s my husband.

He accepts me for who I am, black liquorice lover and all, and I know I can eat it around him without any snarky comments being thrown my way.

It’s important you surround yourself with people you trust. And that’s especially true when you’re preparing to be on camera for a media appearance.

In The Green Room, my group coaching experience where I help you become a go-to media expert in just 6 weeks, I talk about how you should picture your MTP when you look into the camera during a media interview. You do this because it makes you feel more comfortable and communicate your message more effectively. You can also rehearse your interview ahead of time with your MTP (if they’re game to help you out!) and when you’re picturing them while looking into the lens, it makes you much more confident.

My MTP knows that I have black liquorice stuffed in a drawer at my desk. And now you do too. So perhaps I can add you to the list of my MTPs?

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