Have you ever lost your voice?  

For me, it happens every spring when pollen explodes and the tiniest cold sends me into a full week of whispers.

The problem is, it’s my job to talk.

This meant canceled podcast recordings, client meetings, and some really fun stories we have coming up on Munchkin’s IG page next month.  UGH.  It was so frustrating.

But, I also gained something really special.  First, uninterrupted time to work on some of the exciting things I want to bring to you this year.  Second, some pretty peaceful moments with my children.

OK, I challenge everyone to spend one day whispering to their kids.  What happens?  For me, for one full day, it was about as peaceful as it’s ever been.

I have two boys, so as you can imagine, we are usually in a state of chaos 24/7 (maybe more like 12/7 and there’s some quiet when they sleep).  And it’s beautiful chaos, but chaos nonetheless.

Whispering for an entire day, took things down a notch for them too and made me realize that we as parents play a bigger role in the chaos than maybe we realize (or maybe just me).  We recently began something called Peaceful Parenting on the advice of a dear friend.

Here’s the gist.  As a parent, your mindset shifts to “they are doing the best they can”.  Instead of reacting to conflict out of frustration or anger, you respond with empathy.  Instead of punishment, you set limits.  That means they don’t get away with everything and limits are set, but you react with empathy and understanding rather than just angry that things aren’t easy breezy beautiful.

We are still early on in the process and admittedly cautiously optimistic with plenty of reminders that we have a LONG way to go before getting any kind of medal for nailing this peaceful parenting thing (this morning was a colossal failure), but instead of throwing up my hands and feeling guilty, I put into practice the mantra that’s gotten me anywhere I’ve wanted to be.

Just keep going.

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