When making a media appearance, you want time to prepare, right?

That’s not always how the news works.

In a recent session with the Green Room members, we were looking for news pegs (I explain what these are in my program). We saw one for my new client Julie Vida, an aviation expert and Retired US Navy Commander. She’s 💯💯💯💯💯.

We realized what a big story this was, so we sent it over to the newsrooms we have contact with each day. Within minutes she was booked.

Booked, but not prepared, as she had an important event in Washington that evening and the segment was live at 8pmET. Freak-out time? Not at all. Cool, calm, and collected, Julie shook hands with the DC elite and went up to the hotel business center to do the live segment. HER FIRST ONE at that!

In the middle of our mock interview, a sweet couple came into the business center where we realized there was an ATM. This could have been a disaster on live TV.  More quick thinking and Julie tracked down some paper to write “Live TV appearance please don’t enter” and I told her to put a chair in front of the door right before the appearance. There was no tape so she had to stick the end of the paper inside the door and shut it to hold it upright. Macgyver would be proud.

All of this is never seen by the viewer. They only know you to be engaging, informative, and likable. All of which Julie exhibited and then some. Check out her very first media appearance, BRAVO!!!



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