I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, there’s nothing like seeing a client SHINE.

My clients put in the time, work hard at overcoming some of the things that hold them back, and then they take a leap of faith and put our teachings into practice ON THE BIG SCREEN.

Mico Yuk is the perfect case study.

You’ll remember, I shared her stellar appearance on WPIX in New York City.

That led to this Daily Mail article.

That led to THIS appearance on MSNBC.

Remember, this is only her second live interview ever.  She completed her media training with me and within days, had her first appearance that she CRUSHED.

Here’s the big question you may be asking yourself.  Ok, great she’s now seen on TV, but what’s the ROI for her business?

I talk a lot about the incredible credibility that comes with “as seen on.”  That’s something marketing money can’t buy.  The next benefit is the calls that start to come in.  Mico is now getting flooded with speaking engagements, panel discussions, and more.  That’s a clear ROI.

Let’s share another win.

Dr. Rodney Schlosser is doing the same.

With this appearance on WPIX that led to this article in Daily Mail.

Amazing work!

Favorite LinkedIn Post of the Week
“Your job title is temporary. How you treat others, THAT is what will be remembered.”
– Marshall Goldsmith

Tip of the Week
Here’s what to do if you get asked a question that you don’t know the answer to during a media appearance.

Mood Booster
Stars are just like us. Dylan Dreyer shares a related pic of what it’s like to go on “vacation” with kids.

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