It takes a lot to open up to a complete stranger.

But when you do, it’s amazing what can transpire.

I learned this through the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta’s Miss Media program.  They invited me to speak to the girls about how to communicate most effectively in the media and life.

Think back to when you were 12 years old. Did you have the courage to open up to a stranger about what you were afraid of or what you felt was a weakness of yours?

I sure couldn’t.  I only started getting decent at it in my 40s.

That’s why I was amazed (and thrilled) to see these girls embrace the exercise and get vulnerable with the group.  We can learn a lot from this generation.  They are so much less guarded than my fellow Gen X’ers. They only know social media (hopefully more positive than negative) which their peers share.  For better or worse, they can open up.

“I am afraid someone will think I sound silly.”
“I am worried people won’t like me.”
“I think my weakness is that I can’t open up to people.”
“I am afraid of being wrong.”
“I am afraid of failure.”

These were some of their honest responses to my questions.  

Here’s the thing, whether you are 12 years old or 52 years old…these worries, fears, and perceived weaknesses are all the same.

Seriously, I was shocked to learn what the pre-teens worried about the most are some of the same fears my clients share with me in our private sessions.  

When we dig deeper into these and try my proven strategy to overcome them, there’s a lightbulb moment that goes off.  “Oh, I actually have control over that thought?”  

Yes, and I’ve put it into practice myself.  I still do.  Every time that thought creeps in, it doesn’t go away, but it doesn’t hold me back either.

This week, I’ll be sharing the same exercise with an accomplished group of professionals during a keynote I’ll be giving and next week I’ll share some of the responses.  

My bet, they won’t be far off from the above.

Say it out loud.

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