Influence is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. But what does it really mean to “scale your influence” and why does it matter?

Influence goes far beyond the number of social media followers, fans, or book sales. Those are merely outputs.

As the Center for Creative Leadership states in this article, “by definition, influence is the ability to affect the behavior of others in a particular direction, leveraging key tactics that involve, connect, and inspire them.”

Scaling your influence then means exponentially growing your capacity to drive change, results, and transformation through:

  • Your network’s reach
  • The authority you hold
  • The trust you build
  • The inspiration you spark
  • Why Your Influence Matters

We all have spheres of influence – people and communities we can impact. Leadership today isn’t just about formal titles but recognizing the influence we each hold.

And when we unlock our greatest potential to influence we…

  • Amplify important messages
  • Give voice to shared beliefs
  • Lead movements, not just individuals
  • Transform industries, organizations, societies

Right now, the world needs influencers at all levels. We need you to step up.

3 Keys to Growing Your Impact

While social platforms and book deals play a role, here are 3 core tenets to scaling influence:

1. Clarify Your Purpose & Passion – Get crystal clear on the change you want to spark the most. Your why behind the what. This passion is magnetic.

2. Grow Your Network – Surround yourself with uplifting communities that fuel your purpose and growth, in-person and online. Strength lies in numbers.

3. Develop Your Voice – Hone your unique perspective and insights. Then put them out into the world boldly. The world needs your voice.

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