What must it feel like to not only be interviewed for the TODAY show but be FEATURED on the TODAY Show?

Here’s what Carrie Lupoli said about that question:

“In some ways, it’s surreal and beyond what I ever expected, but then at the same time, going through the process, talking to Jenna, the producers, working with them for the content…you realize you are all just people, trying to do the best job you can. That realization allowed me to not be overwhelmed or intimidated by the experience.”

It was a dream come true to share her life’s work on distorted eating and how to have a healthy relationship with food on such an iconic show but the truth is this is about more than just seeing yourself on TV, it is about getting this important message to the masses.

Watch here.

It’s a pinch-me moment that doesn’t come without ups and downs. Remember in my last post I shared that her first interview was cut for time. Then earlier in the week this segment was moved and we didn’t know when it would air.

Then…with patience and understanding that good things come to those who wait, her interview graced the TV screens of millions.

We are going to do an IG live together to talk about the lessons she learned along the way and how she overcame some of the things holding her back when we did the mock interview and instead catapulted her forward.  What questions do you have?

There is nothing like being on a national news program if you are an expert (or an anchor).

I remember it was a dream that came true in 2011 when I was tapped to fill in as a Weekend TODAY newsreader (the hair was not such a dream come true 😉.

Lynn on TODAY Show

I had been a producer for TODAY in 2006 and hearing those iconic words “This is TODAY, on NBC” reverberates in the studio in a way I can’t articulate in words.

My body had a physical reaction to hearing that announcer in my IFB (the earpiece we wear to hear what viewers hear at home and how the control room talks to us).

I still look back at that photo and think, what a moment.

I have to tell you though, watching Carrie watch herself on TODAY brought tears to my eyes.  It made me realize why I love my work so much. Seeing our experts experience life-changing bookings and grow as a talented communicator, brings me more fulfillment than when I did it myself.

They are each sharing such an important message and they just haven’t had access to the outlets to share those messages.

If you want to learn what it takes to become a go-to media expert to share your message, you can start here.

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