thought leader

Wow, doesn’t it feel amazing to start a fresh and clean slate with the mindset that anything is possible this year?

I know, don’t slap me across the face for obnoxious optimism.

Instead, I ask you to do a bit of a mindset exercise to get your creative juices flowing and imagine the possible.

What do I mean? 🤔

If you could have any outcome this year, what would it be?

✈️ Fly a plane?
📚 Write the book?
🎙️ Start a podcast?
🌟 Become KNOWN?

Close your eyes and picture what that would look like. Standing on stage as a true thought leader in your field.

The words thought leader get thrown around a lot. But what does it mean to you?

I’m curious… what comes to mind when you hear the words thought leader? Do you define yourself as one, and if not, why not?

Here’s why I am asking…

Big things to come with our growing community here. 🚀

There are ways to become known, and media appearances are a BIG part of that, but it’s not the only way.

What if you could:
✅ Dominate on stage and bring in new money from keynote speaking.
✅ Increase your followers and attract new business from a free platform.
✅ Be validated in your community.

Why not YOU?

That’s the question I’ve had to ask myself a lot throughout my career. Of course, the question didn’t start that way. Instead, I used to say to myself “Why me?” Why would I get the promotion, why would anyone want to hear what I have to say? Why would people watch me on TV?

It took a simple mindset shift to 10X my confidence.

Why NOT me?

Try this each time your brain bully comes in asking you, “Why would anyone want to hear from YOU”.

There are LOTS of ways we help clients control their brain bully, but this one step will transform your perspective.

Why NOT you?

Contact me and share what being a thought leader means to you because just that small practice will train your brain to believe anything is possible and that you are in complete control of the outcome.

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