What would you do if this happened to you on live TV?

Here was the question from the anchor:
“Finally, I want to ask you about a new report showing home buying is down amid skyrocketing mortgage rates, when do you think is the right time to buy a home?”


This is all I could think of while watching my client who is a Labor and Diversity expert making an appearance around recent layoffs in tech.


What does this have to do with layoffs?

What should you do when you’re thrown a curve ball like this on live TV?

I was thrilled with how my client did! He listened to my advice and kept the conversation at a barstool level. If one of your buddies at the bar asked you about it, what would you say?

Another option, pivot BACK to your expertise.

“I leave the real projection to the real estate experts, but what I advise employees is the labor market is not stable, layoffs are still likely, so big purchases like buying a home can prove tricky for some.”

This happens A LOT with experts who are asked for the legal implications of the topic they are discussing. They are not lawyers, they are experts in another field.


“I’ll let the legal experts address the implication, but what I really want the viewer to take away is…. (Insert valuable takeaway)”.

Here’s what I share with members of The Green Room: always bring valuable information and it doesn’t matter what you are asked. You’ll always be invited back again and again because of the great info you are providing to the viewer.

By the way, this trick works in The Board Room too. What happens when a client asks you a question that is completely outside your expertise? What if you don’t know the answer?



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