Did you know that media can be quite unglamorous?

As a former news anchor, I can speak to how this is true in the news business. While I may have looked glamorous on camera during the newscast, you weren’t seeing what was going on behind the scenes.

There were several times that I had to slip into my sleeveless newsgirl dress in the utility closet. Yes, alongside the smelly damp mop and gallon jugs of cleaning products. It turns out we can’t all be Reese Witherspoon in The Morning Show with a 1,000 sqft green room.

Media can be unglamorous for TV guests as well.

If you’re going to the studio for a daytime show, prepare for an early morning. And if you’re an expert needed during a crisis, prepare for a late night.

When the media calls, you have to be ready. And sometimes that means Zooming-in from your living room while you’re still in your slippers.

Despite how unglamorous media can be sometimes, getting featured in the media can be one of the most valuable tools for growth for your brand or your business. A regular feature on local or national platforms can boost your credibility, trustworthiness, and build a new audience of clients, customers, and consumers for you.

If getting on camera sounds interesting to you (or it totally scares you and you don’t know where to start), let’s start together! Join my free 30-minute coaching session where I give you my media insider secrets to nailing it on camera.

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