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Top influencers, brand creators, c-suite executives and business leaders are using these “7 secrets” to become great on their zoom calls, virtual events, sales and investor calls, town halls and media appearances to MAKE MORE MONEY.

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“Lynn has instilled a sense of belief in me that makes me want to show up in my true and authentic form each and every time I sit for a media interview.”

I knew I needed strong coaching if I was going to make the leap into any form of media such as public speaking, podcasts, television interviews, etc. Lynn is the real deal. She is so authentic and honest as well as being the ultimate coach. She spends time learning your strengths and opportunities for growth.

-Jason Greer

Labor and Diversity Expert | CEO and Founder of Greer Consulting

About Lynn

After spending 15 years in TV News at NBC, MSNBC, and CNN Headline News, I know what makes someone good (and, more importantly, bad) when appearing via video.

I’ve interviewed Motley Crue, Dolly Parton and countless other celebrities and saw what makes someone stellar on-camera.  It was a lot harder when I started watching c-suite executives who haven’t invested in their on-camera skills.​