I’ve been on TV…a lot.

It’s been 15 years of being on TV.

But being on TV with one of my first coaching clients is a true pinch-me moment. You’ve likely read about Jason Greer before. He is a true star and an incredible human.

Well, this week I was booked on News Nation to discuss some hot topics of the day and we booked Jason to join me.

Everything I have shared with him in our media training came across and more. He exploded through the screen with his personality and charisma.

Watch here.

Here’s the thing, if you saw behind the scenes, it was a little nerve-wracking for both of us! I reached out to give some last-minute coaching, as I often do for clients. He came back with some nerves because he was going to be on WITH me.  I told him this was a real pinch-me moment for me.

So, I sent him a video I will be sharing on social media of what it’s like to prepare for a media appearance. In it, I describe that despite having done TV for 15 years, I get butterflies and have the thought “What if I screw up?” I have to use the methodology that I teach to pull myself out of it and that’s how I know it works. It was just the boost we both needed to have fun and be ourselves.

Go ahead and feel free to critique the critiquer and contact me with your thoughts.

Note: The appearance was booked through TMX Access, if you want to learn how to become a TMX expert send us an email at access@usetmx.com.

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