What happens when you are GREAT in media appearances?

You keep getting asked back!

If you get the proper media training, which is what we do at Rylan Media, then you will be great in your media appearances.  That doesn’t mean a one off segment, they will keep wanting you back again and again.

Jason Greer is the perfect example.  He NAILED his appearance on MSNBC on 8-8-22, then just 10 days later they ASKED him to make an appearance.  That led to the Wall Street Journal reaching out for him to be on their podcast.  This continues to lead to more and more opportunities.

This is what it looks like to continue to blow up after being in the media.

Favorite LinkedIn Post of the Week

I love seeing amazing women and friends SUCCEED!

Tamsen Fadal is a celebrated award-winning journalist and anchor at PIX11 in NYC.  She’s also proved there’s always an opportunity to have an impact beyond your job description.

Check out how she’s EXPLODING on TikTok talking menopause.  It struck me because a few of the new Green Room members are incredible experts but they want to be known for something new and bigger.  Tamsen is proof that’s more than possible!

Tip of the Week
CEOs and entrepreneurs – stop aiming for 100% success. Here’s why.

Mood Booster
The story behind the viral video of a boy getting surprised with a dog. You’ve probably seen this video of Adam Grimpo being surprised with a puppy on his 12th birthday. It’s a moment he’s been waiting for since he was 3 years old. As a new fur mom this made my heart explode with love and I immediately cuddled my dog Captain. Check out his reaction that is sure to make you tear up! 


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