WOW. Just wow. I got this comment on LinkedIn after I posted my newsletter last week.

LinkedIn comment on Lynns newsletter

This may be one of my favorite comments because these lessons in the little things have made BIG changes in my life and the lives of my clients.

At the end of each year, I sit with clients and challenge them to look back on accomplishments and perceived failures. Then we set goals for the year ahead– what networks do they want to appear on, how many more speaking engagements do they want to add to their calendar, and what do they want to overcome in the months ahead?

This is a practice of intention and inspiration that is worth living. It manifests a number of successes. We are past the halfway point of this year. If you didn’t start the year doing this, it’s never too late. What is the thing that you want to accomplish and do that’s worth living?


Write it down and then take this challenge with me. Do one thing each day that helps move you closer to that one thing. Maybe it’s sending a networking email, or setting up that LLC you’ve been dreaming about. Maybe it’s a phone call to someone you’ve lost touch with, or ending a toxic relationship that has been burdening you. Each day, do one thing to move the needle forward.

Come fall, let’s check back in and see where we got together.

This newsletter shares tips and tricks for great media appearances and communications skills, but it also (I hope) encourages you to live a little more fearlessly to accomplish your goals and make a positive impact. I am here cheering you on!

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