Do you practice gratitude?

It’s all the craze—gratitude journals, gratitude mindset work, gratitude meditation, and the list goes on.

But how often do you ask yourself WHY you are grateful?  

When I took the time to dig deeper into the practice of gratitude and began to write down the reasons for gratitude, I deeply felt the impact of gratitude in practice.

For example, I am so very grateful for my family.

When I wake up in the morning and hear my children’s feet upstairs running down the halls, I always remind myself how much I’ll miss that sound when they are grown and start their own families.

You know what that helps with when they get downstairs, the mornings inevitably turn into the tornado that mornings with little boys can be, and I have a different reaction than parental frustration.

The meltdowns over shoes or waffles cut wrong can instantly ruin a day if you let them. Instead, focusing on the WHY of gratitude allows us to react with grace and, of course, gratitude.

Now, do I always practice this perfectly? HECK NO. We are all human, but the reminder helps, and today as you sit with your loved ones and express gratitude for each other, maybe share WHY you are so grateful for each other.

And see what happens.

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