I’m the queen of dealing with disappointment. (I’d like to think that I’m also the queen of a lot of more positive, exciting things, but today we’re talking about disappointment.)

I’ve had SO MANY disappointing moments in my life.

While working as a reporter for NBC News, I received a call to fill in as an anchor on Early Today. After nearly dropping my phone with excitement, I booked the first flight I could get to New York. The opportunity to anchor a national morning show… I had been dreaming about this moment my whole career.

I packed a small bag, kissed my husband goodbye, and ran out the door to the airport.

In the car on the way to the airport, I noticed that snow was quickly accumulating on the ground. A winter storm was forecasted to paralyze the East Coast, delaying travel for millions of people.

But I held out hope. Maybe the flight is leaving early enough that we can avoid the storm. Maybe I can manifest the melting of the snow and bring in the 80 degree sunny skies of Miami. If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m a big dreamer.

By the time I arrived at the gate, I was told that my flight was canceled. All the departures were canceled.

I cried a little, I’m not going to lie. I was SO disappointed. Why did mother nature have to come in and ruin the ONE chance I had to show I can nail a national anchor position? For a brief moment, I actually wondered if I should just quit the news thing altogether.

While it was tempting, I didn’t let the disappointment control me. Instead of wallowing in sorrow, I got back to what I do best, reporting the news. I proved myself and anchored that very show for three years.

Disappointment will come. Don’t let it control you. Recognize that disappointment teaches you resiliency and helps you move closer to your successes.

Favorite Post of the Week
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Tip of the Week
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