Do you have a fear of freezing on camera?

That red light comes on and everything you were going to say leaves your brain and you are left completely STUMPED.  

This is exactly what happened to our Green Room member Yun Rhee in the mock interview I did with her before her first media appearance.

In my mock interviews, I am intentionally alarming.  Not to be mean but to prepare them for what it feels like when an anchor introduces them and gives them that first question, which is always the hardest for guests to feel comfortable.

“And joining us now is Yun Rhee the Chief Empowerment Officer at Elevated Human Experience, Yun thanks for being here, were you surprised by this study that so many workers are just checked out at the office?” *in my best anchor voice, which is ingrained in us to sound powerful yet comforting for the viewer.

“Not at all, Lynn.” Then nothing. She froze.

Worst nightmare, right?  

What we did next is why 100% of my clients go on from the Green Room to a media appearance and CRUSH IT.


Take a look at her appearance on PIX 11 just a few hours after that mock interview.


If you want to learn not only HOW Yun and my other Green Room members go on to crush it in their media appearances you can start here.

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The way we respond to fear writes our legacy.

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Balancing it all takes creativity and determination.

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