Here’s what it looks like to share your story and make an impact.

My client, Jason Greer, joined the amazing Nichole Berlie, who recently opened up about her battle with cancer, which resulted in her losing all of her hair.

All cancer survivors know the deep pain and loss that can come with losing something so personal to your identity.

Here’s how Nichole decided to share that story on national television.

She showed up exactly as herself and was a bright ray of light  for all who watched.

She didn’t try to be someone she wasn’t.

She didn’t hide her struggles.

She showed up as her authentic self, and the rest followed.

This is true for anyone with a story.

Don’t hide it, don’t cover it up.

Own what makes YOU unique and authentic.

That’s what will connect you to others.

Perfection is a myth; authenticity is a way of being. 

How will you show up as your most authentic self today?

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