These emails give me immense joy AND inspire me to keep going in the work I’ve started.

student content kudos

I jumped for joy when a Green Room student sent this to me.

Here’s why:

Isn’t it incredibly frustrating that you keep putting out content, but it doesn’t seem to move the needle?

Do you scratch your head and think about what makes a video go viral?

Are you sick of doing a bunch of different things but never seeing a result?

The work done in The Green Room prepares you for media appearances, but what’s key is that the training teaches you a new style of communication applicable to every medium, including podcasts, social videos, Zoom calls, public speaking, and big presentations.

The methodology teaches you how to communicate clearly and concisely, and, more importantly, in a confident way to build the know, like, and trust factor.

That’s why this student got more than 14K followers in 48 hours.

The Green Room also provides resources on how to to take your media training and turn it into social media GOLD plus content for your newsletters and email list.

Stop spinning your wheels and learn how to get someone to like you in 3 seconds and trust you in 30 seconds. It’s really this simple.

See you inside The Green Room!


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Tip of the week:
Less can be more

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Thanksgiving surprise

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