When you are doing something outside of your comfort zone…

  • Being a guest on a podcast
  • Writing your first draft of a book proposal
  • ___________ insert your dream here___________

…it’s normal to feel scared.

Fear often arises when facing public speaking, changing careers, asking someone out on a date, or any situation with risk and uncertainty.

And fear can hold you back…if you let it.

What dreams would you have pursued if fear didn’t stop you in your tracks?

Write them down.

Now underneath, write down specifically what you’re afraid might happen.

Does it seem now a little crazy that you are stopping yourself from doing what you want to do because of what you wrote down?  

Does vocalizing those fears make them seem a little silly? Is it easier to see how irrational our anxiety can be when it’s tangible on paper?

Mindset is key. 

If you believe you can handle new challenges, you’re more likely to push past fear and try. But if you’re convinced, you’ll fail before starting, it’s easy for fears to overwhelm you. Our thoughts influence our emotions, which shape our actions.

Try reframing scary situations as opportunities for self-improvement, expanding possibilities, rather than threats. View setbacks as valuable feedback to guide future attempts. Focus on your desire to learn, gain resilience, and expand possibilities. This growth mindset releases feel-good chemicals to combat anxiety.

Also vital is self-compassion – treat yourself with kindness. Fear serves an important purpose and is hardwired into all of us. You deserve patience and encouragement for facing them. Celebrate small wins and real progress when taking positive risks outside your routine.

The path beyond fear isn’t about becoming perfectly brave but learning how to navigate discomfort. With thoughtful effort and the right mindset, what once seemed scary may open new, exciting doors. The choice is yours – avoid what makes you anxious or believe in your ability to handle more, backed by self-care and self-trust.

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