Yes, it IS a good thing.

I recently had the honor of giving the keynote at a corporate summit in Orlando, Florida. In it, I challenged the audience to share their greatest fear.

This is not a small ask.

I said out loud, “I get it, this is not easy to do especially in front of all of your peers.”

That’s a hard thing to admit, right? Do you walk around the office (or zoom call) sharing what you are most afraid of in your life/work? Probably not.

I got a response “I am afraid of failing”. Bravo for having the courage to say that out loud.

Then we broke into small groups and I walked around to dig deeper into the topic. This became a lot safer for people to share. “I am afraid of failing” became a consistent theme.

I am not surprised, I have heard this or a version of this in every single one of my coaching calls.

I challenged the concept of failure with the group. What if we looked at failure as something really exciting? Hang on, hear me out.

We all realize it is impossible to succeed at anything without failing first, right? Failure has such a negative connotation, but the reality is there is nothing in life you can succeed at without experiencing a version of failure along the way.

Therefore, if we start experiencing failure in this new way i.e. excitement that it means we are one step closer to our success, then we have a new relationship with the concept.

We can begin to not only embrace when we “fail” but we can begin to view this as an essential stepping stone for whatever is ahead.

We walked out of the conference room with a newfound respect for one another. We all took down this veil of perfection that we unrealistically carry around and see each other just as we are, human. Full of fantastic flaws that shape the best of us.

What are you afraid of? Say it out loud.

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