After a news appearance, the last thing you want to do is be issuing an apology to your followers. That’s what Carrie Lupoli chose to do this week.

Carrie was invited on NewsNation for an interview with Leland Vittert to discuss the “Cult of Thinness,” an article in Vice suggesting that idealizing skinny bodies and unrealistic body standards is coming back into fashion.

Leland took a firm body-shaming stance at the top of the interview, which caught Carrie off guard. She was challenged on accepting and loving people regardless of their size. She was also told she “must have good genes” if she is able to eat carbs. The interview took a tone that Carrie just wasn’t expecting.

Carrie posted a blog (where you can watch the full interview) shortly after apologizing to her community because she felt she could have taken a firmer stance against Leland. I don’t think Carrie needed to apologize–she did an amazing job despite being thrown off by the tone of the interview. There’s several lessons that I want you to take away from Carrie’s experience.

Not every media appearance will go the way you want. But sometimes, it turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

Carrie turned what she considered to be a bit of a fumble into content gold and a way to build trust with her audience and inspire new people to follow her. And it all came from the fact that she didn’t answer the questions exactly the way she wanted to.

You can never accomplish ALL you want to accomplish in a single media appearance. But each one is an opportunity to showcase your strengths. And even if it doesn’t go your way, know that there’s a way to bounce back stronger than ever, just like Carrie did.

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