The word provocative immediately may make you think someone will be off putting. Nope and I’ll show you exactly how you do it.

Jessica Kriegel appears a lot in my newsletter and it’s because there’s always something she’s doing that can be a great lesson to all of you!  She’s also making regular appearances in my course The Green Room.

Her appearance this week on Squawk Box ended with Andrew Ross Sorking saying “Jessica, with some very provocative views this morning, we appreciate you.”

What did she say that was so provocative? Watch here.

She took a stand and presented a very persuasive argument about a topic many people have different opinions about.

Imagine how great it would be if we could talk about our different views in a professional and productive way.  

Jessica artfully presented her research-backed opinion in a likable and digestible way which we teach our experts so they can be invited back again and again, which is what happens now with Jessica. CNN Early Start and CNBC Squawk Box are regularly calling her to make appearances.

Be provocative and your thought leadership will be heard in a productive way.

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