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“Lynn was able to skillfully pull from me and somehow get me to dig deeper and push me out of my comfort zone to get the most important parts of my story that needed to be communicated through my messaging.”

She did so with graciousness and kindness. Lynn put her heart and soul into our coaching sessions as if she were creating her own messaging, as if she were building her own brand, and as if she were building her own business.

I cannot recommend Lynn Smith highly enough. She exceeded expectations, she is a joy to work with, and an absolute true professional.

Jennifer “JennyQ” Quinn, Livestreamer and Podcaster

About Lynn

After spending 15 years in TV News at NBC, MSNBC, and CNN Headline News, I know what makes someone good (and, more importantly, bad) when appearing via video.

I’ve interviewed Motley Crue, Dolly Parton and countless other celebrities and saw what makes someone stellar on-camera.  It was a lot harder when I started watching c-suite executives who haven’t invested in their on-camera skills.​