I have had this question asked of so many recent graduates or soon-to-be graduates who reach out for advice. It’s a tough one since many in that generation feel work should solely be for fulfillment and impact.  

In an ideal world, yes, but I try to explain that it is a luxury often earned through hard work and dedication to learning a skill that can provide fulfillment down the road and make an impact.

We simply can’t expect to skip the learning piece, which can, let’s be honest, be hard at times.

I share with many, that I started as a secretary at NBC. Well, I started as a page seating people at the Tonight Show, but started on September 10th, 2001. We quickly were placed with executives who needed assistants, which meant rolling calls, setting up dinners/lunches, and filing papers. This COULD have been considered work that wouldn’t make someone “happy”, but all this administrative work taught me the inner workings of one of the best networks on the planet. I was learning from the best in the business, and although I was working long hours, I didn’t ask myself if I was enjoying the administrative work.

I look back on my career over 20 years and realize work can make you feel a lot of things… happy, sad, frustrated, excited, curious, terrified, and every emotion in between.  

The true gift of work, in my opinion, is the process of learning to acquire a skill, share it with the world, and hopefully make a positive impact.

The same is true for learning a new skill like media appearances. At first, it won’t exactly make you “happy”. It will likely make you feel uncomfortable and frustrated because it’s a new skill set and it’s not how you communicated for your entire life.

BUT… learning is what can be so fulfilling.

Learning a new way of communicating that not only transforms your appearances in the media but how you show up on Zoom calls and how you present yourself in social videos and any video platform, is what feels so good.  

Are you ready to level up?

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