When things get really overwhelming and the to-do list is overflowing, try this hack that has influenced my work and life for years.  

Ask yourself, what are my needs, wants, and cants?  

Needs: These are the things that NEED attention no matter what.  Your family, your clients, your health, and the commitments you’ve already made.

Wants: These are the things you WANT to give attention to, but can only give attention when there’s room for them.  I want to send more newsletters and I plan on it!  But the last month saw big travel, big company, and big work to attend to.  More to come!

Cants: This is where you set limits.  There are plenty of things you are asked to give your time and attention to and you may feel obligated to do so, but don’t. Saying no is a superpower because it means your needs and wants can be fulfilled without depleting YOU.  You matter and there’s no reason to add cants to your cup when that means it will start overflowing.  That’s just messy.

As a working mom, this has been game-changing for me. I learned to set limits and accepted when I had to say no. Guess what?  When I did say no, it didn’t matter to the other person, but it mattered to me and my family, because I had more time for what was important.

Try it today and make a list of your needs, wants, and cants.  What limits are you setting for yourself? 

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