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It’s a secret that’s long been held by media “insiders”–producers, news anchors, talent bookers.

I was once that insider as a former news anchor at the TODAY Show, NBC News, and CNN. I know what makes a good TV News Appearance and the secret sauce for getting your pitch in the right place and then nailing it on camera so you’re invited back as their go-to expert again and again.

My method has earned 100% of my clients media appearances. They have been on CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Yahoo Finance and more.

Watch my free coaching session to learn how to book yourself for media appearances. You will go from best kept secret in your field to authority in the media.

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⇒  What would it do for your business to stop paying thousands for ads to drive traffic and SEO?

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Watch this 30 minute coaching session to learn how being featured in the media has transformed my clients and their businesses in a program I run called “The Green Room: How to become a go-to media expert.”

After watching this session, you’ll walk away with…

•  A better understanding of what it takes to nail it on camera – no more secrets! This former news anchor will tell you what you need to know.

•  A knowledge of how to prepare and execute your appearance so that you’ll be invited back again and again

•  A clear picture of the ROI you’ll receive once you invest in elevating your thought leadership through media training

•  An opportunity for a 1-1 coaching call to get you started to become a go-to media expert in just 6-weeks as a part of my Green Room program

CEOs, thought leaders, experts, and coaches cannot become a go-to authority without getting media exposure. Don’t let this be a blind spot holding you back from growing your credibility and the bottom line of your business.

Start with me and go crush it!

Here’s what graduates of The Green Room have to say:

“Working with Lynn has been a game changer.” 

“When I started her course I did not think I had a voice, an audience or a format to even get started in news television. Her programmatic approach gave me the confidence and a format to execute like a seasoned professional in my appearances.  I was booked right away and I’m getting regular news coverage.  

Being on the news as an expert in my field has had a major impact on my business helping me raise capital, close more deals, and pick up clients. Lynn is smart, sweet, and a blast to work with!”

-Jarrod Guy Randolph
America’s Real Estate Expert

“Lynn delivers!”

She has a great eye for how to position your message at the right time for the right audience. She is patient and committed to her craft. She is a joy to work with and I’m so excited for all the amazing impact we will have together.

-Melissa Simkins
Founder, The She Suite

“The Green Room has been transformational for me and my business. “

Before working with Lynn, I had never been on TV but wanted to share my knowledge and expertise with the masses.  Not only did she give me everything I needed to be good on TV but she opened the doors for my first booking.  They now are front and center on my website and have led to more clients and business!  Highly recommend it!

-Dr. Lisa Palmer
Artificial Intelligence Strategist

“Book Lynn as a coach right now (like RIGHT NOW) if you want to go to the next level!” 

“What can I say about Lynn Smith other than she is the absolute best? I have worked with Lynn for the past year and I am astounded by her ability to help you find and center on your true purpose. I have called Lynn five minutes before a television interview just so I can hear her say “you got this!”. She has opened doors for me that I didn’t think were possible! Thank you for everything, Lynn!”

-Jason Greer
Labor and Diversity Expert
CEO and Founder of Greer Consulting

“Lynn is a true pro and I would recommend her to anyone.”

“Before working with Lynn, I had very little media training and no idea how to go about sharing my expertise with a TV audience. After her training I not only knew how to show up on camera and talk in soundbites but I realized what makes me a great TV guest so I was invited back.
The ROI on this exposure has been significant and we’re thrilled with the brand awareness it has created for our team and the work we’re doing. Over the years I’ve hired many consultants and few have created such impactful results in such a short amount of time.”

-Jessica Kriegel
Chief Scientist for Culture Partners

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