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What’s it like working with Lynn Smith?

“Working with Lynn has opened up so many opportunities in my business. Within 6 months of receiving training from Lynn, I had my first television appearance–on live national television! I had less than a day to prepare, but thanks to my work with Lynn, I felt calm, composed, and poised as I shared a message that is central to my heart and gave national exposure to my previously small business.”

Dr. Katy Huie Harrison
Author and Owner of Undefining Motherhood

“As a global keynote speaker and data storyteller, working with Lynn was truly an eye-opening experience. With just two hours of coaching, I went from never being on TV, to owning my weaknesses, crafting my story, putting together a winning pitch, and then BOOM I was on TV! Not only did it raise my visibility and help to instantly generate new leads during an economically challenging time in the pandemic, but the credibility alone helped me to land five figures in speaking engagements. I’m forever grateful, and will continue to unleash my story to the world. Super grateful I found Lynn and her program.”

Mico Yuk
CEO BI Brainz and Entrepreneur

“I feel so fortunate that Lynn Smith trained me to be a media expert. I had no idea what kind of impact it would have on my business, but our average new client at oXYGen is now up by an additional million dollars of investible assets due to my media exposure and the interview techniques Lynn taught me over the years.”

Ted Jenkin
Co-Founder and CEO Oxygen Financial

“I felt like I had won the lottery when a friend referred me to Lynn Smith. I was telling him that I was looking for someone who could help me combine the story of where I’ve been with the vision of where I’m going. He said, “I have your person.” Sure enough, he was right. Lynn was able to skillfully pull from me and somehow get me to dig deeper and push me out of my comfort zone to get the most important parts of my story that needed to be communicated through my messaging. She did so with graciousness and kindness. Lynn put her heart and soul into our coaching sessions as if she were creating her own messaging, as if she were building her own brand, and as if she were building her own business. I cannot recommend Lynn Smith highly enough. She exceeded expectations, she is a joy to work with, and an absolute true professional.”

Jennifer “JennyQ” Quinn
Livestreamer and Podcaster

“A few years ago I met Lynn at a conference where she was teaching a class on how to become an on-air TV news contributor. Lynn’s class was awesome! From how to write a pitch to how to answer a question in a concise manner she is a total pro who loves to support others. As a result of meeting Lynn I was featured on HLN at least a dozen times and subsequently met other producers who I still work with to this day. I gained the confidence to pitch her and a whole team of producers often with success. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to guide others in their journey to being recognized as an expert in their field and be able to share their thoughts on news outlets.”

Dr. Sheryl Ziegler

Dr. Sheryl Ziegler is the best-selling author of Mommy Burnout™, the podcast host of Dr. Sheryl’s PodCouch, a regular national and local news contributor and runs a private group practice.