“The goal is to parent yourself out of a job.”

If you are new to this blog, a common theme is the wisdom of my own mama. For those of you who don’t know, I was chosen to be the host of the parenting podcast “StrollerCoaster” earlier this year. It seemed like the perfect way to celebrate was to share another nugget from mom.

The goal is to parent yourself out of a job, she has always told me. The idea being, raising a child to become a confident, resilient and independent adult is the goal. They will always need you but you want to equip them with the tools to survive and thrive even when they don’t have you. “Make good choices!” I always say when I drop my kiddos off to school.

The many pieces of wisdom she has shared with me over these last 6 years is helping to shape me as a mother, though I continue to be a work in progress with lots and LOTS more to learn. Bigger kids bigger problems to help them through, after all. BUT, this mindset has been something that has come to shape how to I tackle some of my more challenging parenting dilemmas.

One of the things I LOVE about hosting StrollerCoaster, a parenting podcast created by Munchkin the most loved baby brand in the world, is that they are determined to make this a community FOR parents. We tackle important issues while having some fun and getting to have celebrity playdates. That’s right, celebrity parents drop by to share their own experiences on this wild ride of parenting (*spoiler alert: it’s just like us).

It’s been one of the more FUN jobs I’ve had working with some INCREDIBLE people. I hope you are ready to buckle up and take this ride with us. You can listen to every episode for free at: https://www.munchkin.com/podcast

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