My Dad (pictured front center) and family after my Grandparents arrived in Speonk, New York after fleeing Ukraine in 1944.

It’s pretty impossible to get our heads around how quickly life changed for the innocent and brave people of Ukraine. Many people didn’t know the spirit of the Ukrainian people until they were thrust into war against a madman.

Men kissed their families goodbye while they stayed to fight this lunatic. Grandmothers were armed with rifles and teenagers were googling how to make molotov cocktails.

What we have seen emerge from this humanitarian crisis is the grit and determination of the proud people and President of Ukraine. I grew up understanding this strength and culture. My Dad was on MSNBC sharing the story of his family fleeing Ukraine in 1944 and how he went from being born in a displaced persons camp to becoming the Assistant Secretary of Fossil Energy.

Watch to see and understand the true power of the human spirit thanks to bravery, the kindness of others, and the grace of God.

I hope this is an inspiration to decide what we want to do with the incredible freedoms afforded to us. How will we make an impact? How big of a rock can we throw in the pond to expand the ripple effect of our actions?

My Dad, Jim Markowsky, learned when you like what you’re doing and you work hard, you always accomplish and you always succeed. I had the pleasure of interviewing him for my All Good Things podcast. Listen to the full episode.

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