I think you know this…

Some middle school kids are just plain MEAN.

I remember being in middle school and being super self conscious about everything: what I wore to school, what car I was dropped off in (it wasn’t a Mercedes like the popular rich girl in school), or how people were perceiving me. It was one of those times where if you’re not the “popular” one you kind of just wanted to be invisible.

I’ve started thinking about my time in school as one of my sons started at a new elementary school last year and had to make all new friends. I’ve seen the trepidation he’s had around this, and I couldn’t help but feel nervous as a mom. “I hope the other kids like him… I hope he’s happy at this new school…” These thoughts were running through my head in August, and on a couple of nights, made me lose a little sleep.

I’m happy to report he’s made a TON of new amazing friends and this school and didn’t have too much trouble. Whew, big mom-sigh of relief!

Even as adults, we have these sorts of feelings when starting something new. When you get a new job, you wonder what kind of culture the company has and if you’ll make a new work best friend you can gossip by the water cooler with.

As a parent of a child at a new school, you wonder if you’ll fit in with the other parents. Will you get invited out for a drink after the PTA meeting with the other moms?

The scary parts of entering a new social circle start at a young age and really remain as adults.

What we can’t do is let this anxiety prevent us from putting ourselves out there. I’ve learned that if you show up authentically as yourself and make an effort, you will get where you want to go, whether that’s joining a new social circle or navigating your first appearances in the media to highlight your thought expertise. Both require you to take a leap of faith knowing that what’s on the other side is amazing.

I want you to do this exercise I recently did with a client at the beginning of the year.

Write down your biggest accomplishments of 2022.

Then write down your perceived failures of 2022. I say perceived because we think of failure as a bad thing but when you make that confession of what you THINK you failed at then you realize the incredible gifts that have come from that failure.

Finally, write down as many things as you want of what you WILL accomplish in 2023.  Then hold yourself accountable and make a reminder in your calendar each month to check in on where you are with those wills.  Will them to be.

If one of those items is to make media appearances then join me.

If you want to take a leap with me in the new year, check out The Green Room, my immersive coaching experience where I help you become a go-to media expert in just 6 weeks. There’s no better way to take your brand or business to the next level than by featuring yourself in the media!

So let’s start, together. I promise you, I won’t be mean like some of the middle school kids.

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