Camera Ready Makeup in Under
10 Minutes

Level up your appearance without hiring a makeup crew or spending a lot of $$$$. Go from fresh faced to camera ready in minutes. Complete with beauty product and wardrobe shopping guides with product links.

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“I took Lynn’s Crush it on TV course. It was awesome! I learned how to craft my story, what to wear, and what to say.”

She even gave great background setup, lighting, and makeup tips, amazing. I truly enjoyed the course, thanks for taking the time and energy to put such a comprehensive program together.

-Bonnie Mauldin

Founder and CEO of The Mauldin Group

About Lynn

After spending 15 years in TV News at NBC, MSNBC, and CNN Headline News, I know what makes someone good (and, more importantly, bad) when appearing via video.

It wasn’t always that way.

I needed the formula. The recipe to be confident, communicate effectively, and provide valuable content.

Fast forward to today. I’ve coached thousands of entrepreneurs, experts, and even leaders of billion-dollar companies.

And, I can teach you the formula so you can show up, stand out, and become known – whether as a media expert, aspiring author, podcast host, or on any platform where you desire to influence and make an impact.