In this day and age, everyone is trying to stand out. In life, in work, and on social media.

But the one question I get from clients is, HOW?

Don’t shoot the messenger, I know you’ve probably invested SO much money on people who promise to have the secret sauce, magic wand, or simply the answer. I know because I’ve paid those people a lot of money too and same, they didn’t deliver.

Here’s the answer. Say out loud your vision, expertise, and experiences that shaped you.

These are unique to you, no one else could have the same vision, expertise, or experience because it’s always unique to you.

That message will resonate 100% with your audience because it’s uniquely yours and it’s not something they’ve seen anywhere else.

I was on my Green Room graduate, Angie Wisdom’s podcast and she spoke about how she used to be a terrible writer and now she can’t wait to write her second book.

I asked her what made her feel like a bad writer and to say that out loud. After a few explanations, she finally nailed it. She said she was writing for others and what they would want to hear or what may sound good.

When she was able to overcome that and know her expertise, vision, and experiences were valuable to share, the words fell onto the page.

It’s not that Angie took an amazing course to become a writer. Angie just understood when she shares her wisdom (love that this is her last name) the magic happens.

When sharing your expertise and experiences, it’s important to remember that people are interested in hearing about what you know and what you have experienced. Your knowledge and experiences are unique to you, and by sharing them, you can inspire and educate others.

Don’t be afraid to say out loud your vision, expertise, and experiences. Share them with the world, and you may be surprised by the positive impact they can have. Remember, being provocative isn’t bad, it’s taking a stand on something that you truly believe, and this can make people more drawn to you and your thought leadership.

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