I had an interesting call this week.  

TMX Access user told me about the insanely high retainer someone asked from him to ensure he could get media exposure. This guy said it’s the only way to get into the newsroom. It’s all based on relationships.

My take?

He used to be correct, but not anymore.

In the past, you had to know the right people, be inside the right newsrooms, and say the right thing to get inside.  

It’s a $100B with a B industry based on favors and trading pitches for big gets with higher profile clients.

I truly believe this is a broken model.

Here’s why…

Newsrooms are changing. The relationships that once were are no longer due to a shrinking workforce, limited time, and budget constraints.

Publicity is changing. Getting your traditional media appearance on TV is super valuable, but having a million eyeballs on a digital piece with a backlink to your website is SEO gold! We all know that if you are not on the top fold of Google, you don’t exist.

News is changing. Readers, listeners, and viewers want thoughtful and trustworthy content. They want experts who are actually experts, not just someone who has an opinion or can afford a pricey retainer. They want to trust their news.

I believe that truly means the traditional model for publicity is changing and needs to be democratized for the millions of experts like you who have been told the only way to share your expertise is through relationships.

It’s changing and we are here for it!

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