3 words.  Hook, meat, chill.  That’s what this🪝 🥩 🥶 stands for, and every one of my clients makes this their mantra for effective communication.  

In a recent panel, 2 of our TMX Experts illustrated the art of hook, meat, chill.

Watch here.

This is the idea of hooking someone within 3 seconds, as well as giving them valuable information (meat) within 30 seconds, then buttoning up your thought to avoid rambling on and confusing your audience.  

Next week, I’ll be joining News Nation on the panel with our TMX experts so you can critique the critiquer haha.  

What we do at TMX is connect verified experts with the 200 newsrooms that are using us every day. Our experts know what makes good television and that’s why newsrooms use our service.

If you want to learn about the power of speaking in this new way, you can start here.

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Tip of the Week
Authenticity and resonance play a vital role in captivating audiences.

Mood Booster
2-year-old uses mantra to get through swim lesson

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