What do sports have to do with media appearances you may be asking?

Actually, most of the principles I apply to business comes from years of playing sports. Tennis and lacrosse were my big ones, but throughout childhood there wasn’t a sport I didn’t try. Even shot put! No, I will not be digging up pictures of that.

What I will do is share with you that team work, resiliency, leadership, ownership, and everything in between is something I learned on the field.

I often now encourage clients to get into the “game day mentality”. You can do the same, try it out this year.

They pump themselves up by listening to a game day playlist or getting in a hard workout before a big media appearance to get the adrenaline going. They form a routine that will get them (and it can for YOU) into the mindset of GAME ON. In the case of clients, it’s the green light of their computer cameras turned on and they must GO.

Recently, my client Jessica Kriegel showed what it looks like to stay on offense in a media appearance. She appeared on Fox Business, her first time on the network. That’s always something to be pumped about. The segment took a turn she wasn’t expecting with some tough push back from the anchors on her position.

So what do you do when you are challenged in a media appearance (hint: all these lessons apply to the ways you communicate in business and life).

Do NOT go on defense. Stay on offense and teach what you know. You’ll see in this segment, Jessica was pushed by the anchors and she stayed right on track. She was likable and knowledgeable. I am happy to share her win and an example of how offense isn’t offensive when done right.

The art of communication is one perfected in media appearances but here’s what amazes me. Every single one of my clients began to share that these lessons changed how they communicate in every aspect of their business for the better.

I began to realize our methodology can be applied to all aspects of business for effective leadership and growth. If you’re interested in learning how my training can be applied to your communication skills in business and life, contact me and let’s chat.

Check out Jessica on Fox Business.

Jessica Kriegel on Fox Business

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