I attended the screening of the finale of Friends back when I worked for NBC Entertainment.

Friends was my FAVORITE show of all time. I was totally obsessed. So the chance to attend the finale and actually see the cast in person … I was so excited.

In the car on my way to the screening, I kept thinking about what the cast would be like Truthfully, I tried to manage my expectations, because as we know, the camaraderie you see on screen isn’t always reflected in real life.

Like, would Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox be in their own clique separate from Lisa Kudrow? Would Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry be drunk and arguing with each other? I had to know.

After the screening of the episode, the attendees gathered for an afterparty.
OMG! My chance to see the cast in real life!

After searching for a few minutes, I saw them. They were all together. Talking, laughing, and smoking cigarettes.

And right then it hit me: sometimes, you can just be authentic.

Not every moment on screen has to be you assuming a role and faking how you feel about something. You can be genuine on and off screen. And when that authenticity is there, it really matters.

Because the more authentic you are, the more trustworthy you are. And trust is the key to growing your community of fans, followers, clients, and customers.

So just like David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc being friends on TV and in real life, we too can align our real selves with our on-camera selves and let our authenticity shine!

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