I talk about how you can crush it in the media all the time, and this week, the very skills I teach were put to the test…on myself!

That’s right, after Green Room members made five media appearances this week (big wins!), I made an appearance myself. And I hadn’t had an appearance in awhile.

During the Newsy segment, I was talking about this great story of a kitty who had been caught in the packaging of Munchkin products and how the company paid for its surgery, donated to the shelter, AND changed their packaging so it’s fully compostable and breaks apart so it can’t harm any other animals. Awesome right? This is why they are the most loved baby brand in the world (I also happen to be the host of their parenting podcast StrollerCoaster.)

After not appearing in the media for a while, I have to admit, I felt rusty. Yep, I was nervous, even had some butterflies.  

Here’s the thing–it’s a LOT harder to be a guest than an anchor. It seems impossible, but for me anchoring is a BREEZE. However, when you’re a guest, you have to remember the important points to make, you don’t know exactly what’s going to be asked, AND you have to perform well! It’s a tall order, and it’s exactly what I teach.

Here’s how I overcame it: I followed the strategies that we teach in the Green Room. And I was really happy with how it went! I still messed up the name of one of the organizations I needed to mention, but that’s ok!  We are human and we don’t sweat the small stuff, we change the big stuff.  I am going to be joining them later this month to talk about the podcast premiere. That’s what happens, if you do a good job, they will invite you back!

That’s what I want for all of my clients and members of the Green Room. 

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