I have to admit something to you. I’ve been a little scared to say this publicly because I’m afraid of the backlash I may receive.

Here we go…


I strongly dislike fantasy football. THERE, I said it!

I don’t mean to upset an entire segment of America: the football-loving, game-watching, onion dip on the coffee table-having guys and gals who love following every moment of the game with a beer in one hand and their bracket in the other.

I don’t know what it is about fantasy football that rubs me the wrong way–I’m obviously not a big football fan in the first place, but there’s something about the competitiveness of people picking their players and tracking their points over each game, it’s just not for me, okay?

I’m more of a glass of red wine by the fireplace cuddling up with my boys kind of mom. And I embrace it.

When I was a news anchor, everyone on the show was doing fantasy football, so of course I was roped into it, but I had no idea what to do, nor did I care very much, so I was told I can set it to auto draft. So I finished making my team in two minutes and then went on my merry way while I watched my colleagues painstakingly contemplate their choices all day.

“Gosh, I can’t believe people take this so seriously!” I thought to myself.

Guess what happened. As the season progressed, I started scoring really well, like, better than most of my football fan colleagues, even though I used autodraft. And wow, were they jealous. All those hours they spent arguing over their picks and thinking who to put where, it was almost for nothing.

And in many ways, this is true in life.

You can sit around all day thinking, strategizing, planning, worrying–or you can just get up and do it.

When it comes to being a camera-ready expert, yes there is some preparation that must happen–making sure you’ve done your proper research, you have your talking points ready, you’ve rehearsed using all the tools I teach in The Green Room–but part of it is just saying yes and doing it.

I’ve heard stories of people turning down media appearances (just writing that makes my skin crawl!) because they said they “weren’t ready.”

Here’s the thing–you may never feel 100% ready. And that’s ok. Part of the art of crushing it on camera is being confident to handle whatever comes your way, even the things you can’t always prepare for.

So, sometimes, set it to auto draft! Do a little prep and then just hop on the Zoom. Don’t let indecision or fear keep you frozen.

Now, time for me to shut down my computer, pour my glass of wine, and get to the couch with my boys! We’ll be watching … anything but football tonight.


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