…I worry if people like me.  

I want people to like me.

If and when they don’t, I let it affect me.

Growing up, my mom always taught us “It’s not what they say, it’s what I know.” I have used this countless times in my life but still, it affects me.

Recently, a client was asking me about different things they say and “will the anchor not like me” if I said this or that?

1. Anchors want different points of view.  They do not want someone that’s just going to agree with everything that they say because that’s not good TV.  Respectful discussions of different points of view is good TV.

2. You can’t control if someone likes you, so the more you try, the more you fail at it.

3. It’s not what they say, it’s what I know.  You know you are a good person and you bring value with your expertise.  That doesn’t need to be validated by anyone because you know this to be true.

Do you have something that affects you and you know it doesn’t serve you?  Say it out loud.  When you hear yourself saying it, just as I coached my clients but have to remind myself, it loses so much of its power over you.

Writing this I just said out loud “It affects me when people don’t like me”.  Even as I write these words, I realize the incredible shift that happens when I hear how ridiculous that sounds.  When I say it out loud, I realize well, it’s not what they say, it’s what I know.

Go ahead, say out loud what may be holding you back.

And if you share my worry, scroll back up and read points 1-3 again.

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