I have to admit something…

I put on 15 pounds at my first job. I mean, what can you expect working day in and day out at an ice cream shop?

My first job was at Graeter’s, an ice cream shop in Columbus, Ohio. At the time, they had just two stores. Now they have more than 50. That goes to show you just how good that ice cream is.

I had a scoop of ice cream every day. My vice was Black Raspberry Chip. Yes, I know fruit based ice cream may sound not very indulgent, oh it was.  That’s how I put on 15 pounds.

Most girls that age are so self conscious about extra pounds, but while I was working there, it truly didn’t bother me. Because I was having so much FUN!

I loved my coworkers and how we would blast music before opening and after closing. (Can I interest any of you in Britney Spears on full volume?)

I loved the post dinner time rush of customers where the line would go out the door, and I would end the night with ice cream that somehow migrated its way into my armpit. Frequent showers were required at this job.

As I think about this time of my life, I realize that some of us just aren’t having FUN anymore. We are taking things way too seriously. When was the last time you had a truly guttural laugh that made your stomach hurt afterwards? Why did we have so many as teens and now they seem to be harder to come by?

There’s something to be said about the power of fun and laughter. A person who smiles instantly becomes more attractive to us. And more trustworthy.

I am often telling clients who are stressed before a media appearance to have fun with it!

The ones who take my advice appear much more comfortable on camera and develop a friendlier rapport with the hosts. Those are the clients that are invited back as a guest again and again.

What are you doing for fun this week? What’s one thing that you can do that will bring you true uncontrollable laughter?

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