Do you feel like you are making the impact you want to be making? Or do you feel like there’s more you want to do in your work or in your life?

A recent edition of Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper was packed with powerful messages including this:

“Spreading good news—being a messenger of what’s good in the world—is something we can all be doing today. Think about it. We don’t even have to speak or write something to spread love, compassion, kindness, or goodness. It’s all about how we show up in the world. It’s all about our actions and how we make people feel.”

Are you a messenger of hope, love, and good news? Or are you stuck in a cycle of negativity and doom, pointing fingers and spreading bad news?” -Maria Shriver

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Tip of the Week
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Mood Booster of the Week
Viral message we all need to hear: “It will never get easier but you will handle hard better.”


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